Z-Order Setting on Effect?

I don’t know if this is something I just don’t know, or if it should be a feature request.

I created a bunch of clickable containers with background images, and effects. The effect I added is for the container to grow on hover. I also added an ease-in transition.

When a container grows, it looks like the “Real Estate” container here:

As you maybe can see, although it grows, it’s still behind the H2 of the “Contracts” container and the entire container for “Fraud & Defamation” and that’s obviously unsightly.

Is there a way to alter the z-order on hover without using custom CSS? That is, can you do this in the effect itself? If not, then I guess this would be a feature request.

Thank you.

Hi Rick,

You’re right. You would need custom CSS to achieve such.

You may create a new Topic tagged as Feature Request or if you can change the category of this one, that would be good as well.

Thank you for sharing your insight!

Ok. I have changed it to a Feature Request.

Meanwhile, I guess I’m stuck. I don’t know how to get it working right. I’ve tried numerous CSS statements, but nothing works.

Perhaps you can share the link to the page, and we’ll try to see how we can help? If this is a local site however, maybe you can temporarily host just the page somewhere?

Kindly let us know.

The link is at Practice Areas - Brenda Linder Law.

Thank you for sharing the link to your site.

Here’s a CSS you may try adding in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

.gb-container.practice-area-tile:hover {

Hope this helps!

I wish I were as smart as you on this stuff. You’re better than a genie granting wishes: you’re a genius!

It works beautifully. Thank you. EXACTLY what I wanted.

You’re welcome Rick! Glad that worked! :slight_smile: