Widget block "has encountered an error"


I should be able to place a generateblocks query loop block in a widget block, correct?

When I try, I get an error message - “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.”

My goal is to replace my latest posts widget with generateblocks,


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I noticed a mention of this being an issue in the new alpha’s that were released over night - check out the change logs!

Thank you for mentioning the change log @davep. Here’s the link to it @Christopheran Category: Changelog - GenerateBlocks

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I see, thank you.

What type of timeline do things move from alpha to a release version?

thanks again,


I’m also having this same issue! Query loop doesn’t work in the gutenburg widget builder. Screen recording: Screen Recording 2022-09-02...

Fixed it with the 1.4 version, thanks