Why arent all settings available from tablet/mobile view?

Am i the only one who finds it annoying that to have acces to all settings i have to be in desktop mode?

If i have containers that arent visible on desktop i have to in mobile or tablet view choose the container and then go to desktop view to for example change the color, or have acces to all typography settings. This is really innoying especially since you dont see your settings “live”.

Is there a reason behind it being like this?

The main reason here is to make it clear that the settings you’re editing are or are not device-specific.

For example, if colors (which are not device-specific) displayed on tablet/mobile, users may think that they are editing device-specific colors when they go into that mode, just to realize it actually changed on all devices.

I understand that logic, but how ever if the object is not visible in desktop mode it’s quite boring to have to choose it in mobile or tablet view to the go to desktopview to change it without seeing the changes…