Which Dynamic Data settings to use?

Hi, I am trying to create an Element, AK(to me)A a Single Post Template. I am getting confused when trying to use Dynamic Data.

When I add, say, a GBpro Heading block there is a choice to use Dynamic Data from the Block settings in the right hand sidebar or to use the Dynamic Data icon in the pop up toolbar for the Heading block itself. These seem to be mainly the same but do have some different settings. ( e.g. Before and After options for a value )

So which should I use and in what circumstances? Does it matter? ( I think it does as found sometimes I need to disable Dynamic Data in the sidebar even if the values set are exactly the same as those set in the toolbar ).

Also while here … how do I set the Link option of the Block ( using the toolbar )? It simply offers a blank box requesting a url whereas I want to use a dynamic value to link to the Post itself.


Hi @alanj,

Well, the one in the “toolbar” was the only option available before GB version 1.5.0, and it was only available through a Block Element.

The one in the Block Settings, is a new feature which allows you to pull dynamic data on pages/posts, not needing to use a Block Element anymore.

Either should work though.

With regards to the issue your having, the Dynamic Link Type should have options to select from, and there should be a Single Post option. What specific Block are you using?

Kindly let us know.

Lol well even more confused now.

That may be true but for new users like me, how would we know that? I just see what is in front of me and to be honest I am finding it extremely confusing.

Nope they provide different things from what I can see. They also seem to conflict if both are used - even if then disabled. I seem to have to clear all settings before disabling.

I don’t understand that. The Sidebar settings seem to be specific to the block not the page. Which is what I’d expect as want to use multiple different dynamic options on different blocks on one page.

I am simply trying to use a GBpro Heading block.
Using the toolbar I get the option to add Before and After text. This is not present in the Sidebar options. The names of things also change just to add confusion.
I have managed to make it work using the toolbar options and Dynamic Link Type = Single Post ( Link Type is not available in the Sidebar settings, maybe renamed Link Source. )

Oh and I also get lots of big red error bars saying “Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response.” or just "Updating failed. " whenever I even look at the dynamic settings and don’t save anything.