Welcome to the GenerateBlocks Community!

Welcome to the GenerateBlocks Community. This is the official spot for our community to share ideas and solve problems together.

This is not an official support forum. While our team may participate in discussions here, official support can be found in the following places.

This forum can be accessed by anyone who signs up for an account.

Here are some do’s and don’ts.


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  • Post in the correct category.
  • Be descriptive with your topic titles.
  • Keep it appropriate for all ages.
  • Be patient and polite. If that’s not possible, please don’t post.


  • Post personal information - this is a public space.
  • Bump threads excessively.
  • Post in very old threads.
  • Be inappropriate, rude, troll, flame, or shame other community members.
  • Impersonate other forum members.
  • Post advertisements or solicitations of any kind.