Weird bottom padding of Container block - bug or fixable (or my mistake)?

Hey there :wave:

So, I’ve just used the container block for my blog as a callout box for special links, but it seems like the bottom is off… :crazy_face:

  • I’ve set all padding to 20px, but there seems to be additional padding added to the bottom
  • The text is clearly not middle-aligned and there’s too much padding at the bottom that I can’t seem to be able to control
  • Only when setting the bottom padding to 0px, it’s truly 0px (even at 1px is more like 21px)

I tried finding anything in the documentation but wasn’t successful either: Container Overview - Documentation

Is this normal? Or is there an easy “fix”?

And just in case, my theme is GeneratePress Premium.

Thanks so much already :nerd_face:

The paragraph has a default 20px margin bottom. The easy fix would be to change it to a Headline block, change the Tag Name to a paragraph and set its margin bottom to 0.

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Awesome, thanks so much @jessefisher! Changing it to a Headline and assigning it a different class did indeed work :slight_smile: