Weird behaviour of duplicated elements


this issue is driving me crazy:

When I duplicate certain GenerateBlocks, like a container, and then make edits to the duplicated container, say change the padding, the padding will also change for the original container…as if they are now in sync.

In the HTML, I can see that both containers have the same class and some CSS that corresponds to that class.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong here?



P.S.: On another note, a small feature request that would make a huge difference for me: add the ability to change the line height for button texts. Right now, it inherits the line height of my body font, which doesn’t look great on the buttons.

Hi @larsscho,

That’s odd. Duplicating should generate new IDs for the duplicated Blocks.

Having the same ID’s usually occur upon copying and pasting. Does this issue occur on any GB Block?