Using dinamic content to load navigation menu

Hi there,

I don’t know if this is currently possible and/or if there’s any other way to do it, but here we go. I’d like to use dinamic content (using query loop for instance) to load the navigation menu inside a block. Reasons to do this:

  1. I’d like to be able to build visually the navigation menu using blocks and save it as an element. Way easier to dispatch to later clients if I only need to paste the designs I can create with blocks and not depend on the “customize” panel to create a navigation menu.
  2. I give my clients access to appearance > menu but not to the generatepress elements (for safety reasons). If this element would be connected to the menu dinamically, my clients would be able to change the list of pages on the navigation menu from appearance > menu, and would automatically display as well on the front-end.

Thanks in advance!

Hello? could someone reply?

Hi @eduardsans,

You could use add a WordPress Navigation Block inside your Block Element. In that case, the can modify the menu but not the Element. The only downside to this is that you would need custom CSS to alter its design.