Use global styles inside a local template


I created a local template that contains 2 buttons inside a button container(its the generateblocks button). Each button has its own color, text, button alignment, paddin, etc

Can i now use this local template inside a global styles :element” to globally change the colors of the buttons at once. And if so, is it good practise to do so? Does it add extra code or maybe the opposite, reduce code cause the colors css would load only once for the buttons?


Hi Mario,

Adding a Local Template inside a Global Style wouldn’t work as you’ve mentioned.

It would work for instance if you have a Local Template: Edit Local Template “My tes...

and a Global style separately: Edit Global Style “global s...

Then, implement the style afterwards: Screen Recording 2022-04-01...

Hope this clarifies. Feel free to reach out if you’ll have further questions regarding this. :slight_smile: