Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response with GB (SOLVED)

Please, i try everything and generateblocks doesnt works, i already update all plugins, check this video please:

Sorry to see this happening. I experienced this as well in the past, though not with GenerateBlocks. This is /was a common issue with the block editor.

You tried a lot of things already. I see that you use chrome browser?
Chrome is known to have caching issues. If you have another browser (Firefox, Edge, Opera) available, I suggest you try this first. If the problem goes away, then try clearing the Chrome caching and re-start the browser.

If the problem also exists in the other browser, I would suggest you to contact support. Mention as much details as you can provide like f.i. the WordPress install version, the webhosting provider and plan and the error details you can see in your browser inspector. This may help tracking down the issue.


Hi Bianca, i already solved it!!! Just change my browser to opera gx and problem is solved. Thanks for your help. I think this is a cache problem, but at this moment is solved with opera gx. My brother told me change my browser before, but i understand now haha. Thanks for your help.