Update 1.5 Query Block - a bug?

I have replaced a “WP_Showposts” block with a new query block, but the read-more-link - I set it to “weiterlesen” (German) - doesn’t show in the frontend. (In the customizer it is acivated). I would like to have the read-more in a button…

O.k., yes I solved the problem. Yet, I still think there is a bug in the GenerateBlocks update 1.5, but I was able to design my read-more buttons within the query grid. Now I will disable WPShow Posts.

Hi there,

What was happening to the Read More buttons on the frontend? Nothing was displaying at all?

Yes, indeed, nothing was displayed. One more observation: It works with an auto-excerpt, when I do not have a custom excerpt. Just saw it, as I had one post without a custom-excert. I guess the custom-excerpt is a wordpress-feature, I don’t use a plugin for that (or is it a generatepress-feature?).

I use custom-excerpts, so I have this work-around:

In the backend of the query-block I set on the level of the grid:

  1. Enable dynamic data, 2. Data source: Current Post

Nothing else, as it did not (seem to) work. I enabled dynamic data for the image, the title and for a manually inserted button, “Data source”: Current Post, “Link Type”: Single Post and “Data Type”: Image, Title. For the read-more-button I did not select a Data Type.

The problem is the excerpt. When I click into the excerpt in the back end, I get this: “Link Type”: Excerpt. “Use default more Link”: Off. This way it works as a work-around. When I select “Use default more Link”: On and insert a custom link-text, and then select the “Link-Type”, then the custom-link-text does not show in the front end.

So in the end: my work around looks nice, and I don’t want the excert to work as a link to “Single Post”, as it is anoying for mobile users.