Trying to insert image, where the heck is the layout panel?

I’m trying to insert the featured image into a query loop.

The documentation references a ‘layout panel’, Query Loop Overview - Documentation

My query loop doesn’t offer that as an option, and doesn’t include that little down arrow to the left of the query loop.

I’d love to know what I’m missing here. I find navigating GenerateBlocks blocks and their options very frustrating. Would appreciate any help!


PS: using 1.4 release candidate so I could put this in a widget

Hi @Christopheran,

Here’s a screenshot showing how to view the Layout Panel: Edit Page “Generated Homepa… (

Ah, brilliant… thank you… but how do I add the post image to that?

You’re welcome!

You can add a GB Image Block. Then, enabled the dynamic settings to grab the Featured image.

Reference: Image Overview - Documentation

Awesome, thanks again - the end result looks and works great!

You’re welcome @Christopheran!