Toolset compatability with GenerateBlocks Styling

When using Toolset and GenerateBlocks with Toolset ‘Content Templates’ all fo the styling is lost when published due to the way GenerateBlocks scans the content and it doesn’t know the toolset part.

I have added some details to the Toolset Open ticket about this and a workaround to get it working.

I would love some assistance from the community to allow this to work for ‘all’ posts, currently, this is on an ad-hoc post by post basis.


This now has a full workaround - see post here with code form the functions file.


Nice one - thanks for sharing

no worries - we just need this one done now and we are flying:


[EDIT - this was flagged, so I have removed the link but left the slug if people want to search for it]

I created a new post that deals with the issue of Toolset content templates that use the Block editor in a view if anyone needs just here: /t/issues-with-styling-for-generateblocks-being-removed-for-custom-post-types-plugins

Please note that this workaround ( does not work for Toolset > WordPress Archive. It only works for Content Templates.

Please see my reply over here Dynamic Sources / Toolset Integration - #13 by AlokSharma

Please see this Dynamic Sources / Toolset Integration - #14 by AlokSharma