This theme requires the following plugin: WP Show Posts

I’m seeing the above error message at the top of my Wordpress Plugins dashboard. Nothing seems to be malfunctioning otherwise. Should I be concerned?

Hi danhotchkiss,

Are you using a template from the site library? If you’re using WPSP to query posts in your site, and you have WPSP deactivated, that may be the reason for the warning/error message.

I used to have a lot of WPSP shortcodes, but I think I’ve replaced them all with the new Query Loop. Is there an easy way to hunt down any stragglers?

Hi, Try this plugin. It shows all shortcodes that are in use.

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Do you also have WPSP Pro? Have you disabled it if ever?

I do have WPSP Pro and had not disabled it. I did, and the problem is now fixed. Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome @danhotchkiss!

Thanks Bianca. This plugin confirms that I do not have any remaining [wp_show_posts id=”xxx”] shortcodes on my site. Good to know!