Taxonomy filters for query loop block?


I was wondering if there’s any kind of compatible taxonomy filters for query loop block, similar to WooCommerce product filters/widgets?

I need to filter a courses custom post type loop using custom taxonomies. Is there any working solution?



Hi @alvarogois,

Custom taxonomies should be possible as a parameter. Example: Edit Element ‹ fazarcon — W...

Thank you @fernandoazarcon2, I’ve already used that in other projects (and it’s awesome!). What I mean is interactive filters for the user, something like this: Filter Everything — WooCoomerce Product & WordPress Filter – WordPress plugin |

See if this helps…


Thank you @davep. I already used WPGB in another project with GeneratePress, but I find it somewhat complex to pair it with GenerateBlocks query loop, as WPGB has its own query loop solution. Feels like counter-intuitive, I guess.

I’ve done it once with GP/GB and The only thing I’m not too keen on is the URLs are not pretty URLs and end up as /?_sfm_job_role=General%20Practitioner
There’s a beta out for version 3 too, but I haven’t gotten around to testing it yet and I have no idea when it will reach stable release.

I also had it working first with the pro version of I was quite happy with it, but one of the filters stopped working just before I sent if off to the client and I couldn’t figure out why, hence why I used Search and Filter Pro.

I haven’t used WP Grid Builder. The demos on their site feel a lot snappier, but I agree it seems weird to only use it for the filters.

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I have exactly the same need and I hesitate to invest in wp grid builder.

  • Does GenerateBlocks plan to add the possibility of putting dynamic filters above the loop soon?

  • in your opinion does wp grid builder complete the missing filter functionalities of GB? Another idea for a plugin or script that would be compatible with GB ?

After all, why not use the WGB grids that work for a blog or even an ecommerce… and no longer use the GP/GB functionalities to do so?

Your opinion interests me! Thanks

I’m also interested in filters above loops, as well as being able to filter and select single or multiple options using data from ACF data within Generateblocks.