Tabs addon script for GenerateBlocks

Hello there.
I pushed a new version of Tabs for GenerateBlocks. Works with both free and pro. It is a lightweight Vanilla JS solution. Keyboard accessible, with flexible layout options, conditional loading based on block classname, and dynamic data options, works with query block for example. Almost no interaction with code is required other then enquing the file.

Hope community fins it useful.

Code: New and improoved Tabs for GenerateBlocks · GitHub
Tutorial: Lightweight and Accessible Vanilla JS Tabs for GenerateBlocks, with support for dynamic data. - YouTube



Awesome job man. We are studying and experimenting with ways to implement tabs/accordions in an easy and manageable way.

Thank man. Looking forward to your solution. Though I hope you are not thinking about dedicated blocks for features like these. A component “interactions”, or a toggle “accordion” on the buttons block would be much more flexible. :wink:

Our goal is to achieve something with existing blocks, it’s our core idea, keep it simple, fewer blocks but smart enough to be used in different situations