Tabs / Accordion / Video Modal / Gallery

Hello, would love to see the following features integrated into GB so I don’t have to rely on separate plugins…

  • Tabs

  • Accordion

  • Video Modal

  • Gallery/slider that allows you to select the image size of thumbnail and Lightbox

  • Integration with WP Show Posts using blocks to design the post cards etc



I’d like to second that.
More than anything I would like to be able to drop beaver builder completely from my workflow but until GB has these kind of widgets sadly I won’t be able to completely ditch BB.

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+1, this would be a great way to get rid of smaller plugins for basic features. I would only add that for the slider it would be great the approach of the “slide anything” plugin (which allows you to create a slide not only with pictures, but texts, divs, etc.) and that is incredibly versatile.


I second that. Exactly what I am looking for

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This could add some very useful functionality to GB Pro. I have “created” accordion menus using other plugins for a customer.

+1 This is essential to compete with other page builders.

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I think the video module would be better done with a plugin like presto player.

But tabs

Accordions (table of content)

Image blocks and wp show posts yes


Tabs and Accordions are something we’re working on in GB Pro. Tabs can be difficult (how they behave on tablet/mobile), but both should be doable using the current set of blocks which is awesome.

The others are a bit harder to do and may be better left to plugins that specialize in those specific features. Never say never though.

We’re still brainstorming about WP Show Posts and how to handle it all. Have a couple of ideas :slight_smile:


GB would be perfect when these are added, wouldnt you make it so that a tab turns into an accordion when it turns mobile? Any estimate for the Accordion / Tab time frame?

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+1. That’s why I use KadenceBlocks for example. But I would also like to do without it.

“Integration with WP Show Posts using blocks” also would be really great.

And one small thing: “scrolltriggered” animations would be really nice :slight_smile:

Apart from that: keep it simple.

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+1 for accordion/tabs
+1 for Integration with WP Show Posts using blocks to design the post cards etc


I don’t need tabs, but I’d love to have accordions and WP Show Posts as part of GenerateBlocks or GeneratePress.

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I add to the requirement, the absence of these elements is the only reason why I use the Kadence block with GB at the same time. From Cadence I have activated only elements that are not in GB.

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  • 1 for Accordion
    +1 for Tabs
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Defintely Yes to tabs, accordian, gallery - will save using a separate plugin.
I use the nextend smartslider3, which is very comprehensive, there are others similar, so perhaps leave the slider for now, unless its something that can do the simpler sliders.

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Is there a roadmap for tabs? I would need it for a project and wont install another block suite for this.

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Waiting for this since a long time. Tabs and accordions are really needed.

I feel as tabs and accordions are free in other Gutenberg plugins it would be beneficial to have that in the free version but I would be cool to have a table of content feature in the pro version as table of content seems to have much in common with accordions.

Could push people over to buy the pro version


+1 for this, Tabs/Accordions would be amazing addition

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+1 for Tabs/Accordions