SVGs for Asset Library - NOT Safe SVG

When I install GenerateBlocks Pro is suggests loading Safe SVG when trying to use the Asset Libray feature. This plugin has not been tested with the last 3 major WP releases and looks to be dead in the water. It does not work with PHP 8, as I found out to my own surprise when I installed it through the GB Pro prompt. I then noted that this has been known since last year, but has received no response.

There’s obviously some plugin integration between Safe SVG and GB Pro because a browse button is enabled in the Asset Library when you install this plugin.

I think it’s time for a change here. Why recommend an abandoned plugin that doesn’t work with PHP8 at all?

Anyone got any other suggestions for safe and reliable similar plugins?

+1 Excellent points and good catch. The PHP 8 request has been open since Oct 2020 so it doesn’t look promising.

Hopefully, GB can provide an alternative. A fork might even be useful from a marketing angle since a plugin like that could bring in quite a few eyeballs to GenerateBlocks. It has 500k installations.

I agree with the fork idea. How about it, Tom? GBSVG? :slight_smile:

Update from Tom via a support ticket: “We’ll be switching from Safe SVG to a different plugin in the next version.”

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