SVG icons turn transparent unwantedly

Hi all,

I’ve recently purchased some SVG icons from a pack on a stock image website.
The icons are single colour with a partially transparent black “shadow” to them.

I’ve successfully exported them from the main file into separate specific icons, and am using the SVG icon picker feature in GenerateBlocks to insert them into places on a GeneratePress site template.
The template has four locations on the home page for icons to compliment the body of text underneath.

The issue I’m having is that whenever I use the SVG icon picker to insert an icon into the left-most location, the rest turn transparent for some reason. (Please see below image.)

I can’t seem to find much from Googling on my own, so I hope someone can provide some insight into this issue here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Can you link us to the page where the issue occurs so we can inspect it and see why it happens?

And perhaps provide a workaround. Let us know. :smiley: