SVG Icons not working

I can place the SVG icon but the Icon Location (Above) is not working.
Site: Stunning Nepal

Is there a specific area I should be looking at there?

You can look at Why Book with Us? on the homepage.

I have no issue seeing the icons.

The issue is not about missing the icons rather it’s about the icons location. Here, on this part you can see the SVG icons, before the update, the SVG Icons were above the text but now the above the text is not working at my end.

You seem to have a custom <span> element around the HTML: <span id="Multiple_Destinations">

That will cause the built-in CSS to fail.

Hi Tom, after your reply, I checked the whole block to find that span id but still couldn’t detect it.
Can you assist me to remove it, please?

I do have the same issue. On my site the span is generated by a table of contents plugin. Do you have something similar installed?
As I think this is a common way for e.g. table of contents, maybe @Tom can implement a fix for this. For now I just excluded the headings for the table of contents which is obviously not the best workaround.


Thank you for the Hint. I disabled the Table of Contents for the homepage.
Disabled the TOC Processing. Fixed it.

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