Support to reuse blocks

Is it possible to create a block like “Contact me” and then put this block on different pages?
I will not put this block on same position everytime.

When I want to update my “Contact me”-block I only need to update this in my “library”.

This should be possible with Global Styles, part of GB Pro. Video here: Global Styles Demonstration. Documentation here: Global Styles - Documentation

Edit: Seems that the container does not include the contact form or other content. Not sure if this is by design. I do know that GeneratePress Premium has also an option for this called Elements.

You might also want to check ‘reusable blocks’ that is a built in option with blocks: You would create your block and then turn it into a ‘reusable’ and then add it anywhere on your site.
If you make a change to the reusable block it will change on all instances. so for example, let’s say you have a phone number in that block, and you would like to change it, you will need to only change it once, and it will update on all the instances of that block (even if you placed it in 10’s of pages).
Hope that helps.