Styling missing when using reusable blocks


I have what is perhaps a unique problem, but I’m curious to see of there’s a fix or, at the very least, understand what’s happening.

I run custom text ads using CSS on my site, circulated on the frontend by the Advanced Ads plugin. Recently, I looked into the possibility of designing the ads using Generatepress.

The solution I came up with was to create the ads in Generatepress and then set the ads as reusable blocks. Using the ‘Reusable Blocks Extended’ plugin, the ads were then given shortcodes. I then took the shortcodes and pasted them into the Advanced Ads plugin for circulation on the frontend.

What I’ve noticed is that the styling is missing from the frontend. I ran some tests and found that basic Wordpress blocks work fine, but Generateblocks blocks are not styled.

I think I kinda understand why, but it would be good to get some clarity and maybe, a workaround.

Many thanks in advance.