Some questions to start better

I am trying to find out what is the “best” approach.
To know systematically for a new section I create a container in which I will insert all the other blocks (container, grid, other blocks …)
Or if I use a grid, can I insert it directly into the page without putting it in a container?

For shortcodes (WP_Show_Post) or for a Slider block (SmartSlider) insert them directly or put them in a container? a grid?

In an article I had read below. Is it correct?
"What is the difference between the Container and the Grid block? Every column on your grid has a container block, and you can place your content blocks on that container.
But the container block can have its own styling options, like custom font, a background gradient, and so on.
By default, the grid is using a 100% width of your screen (full-width-design). If you do not want that, you can add a container first and place a grid on the container."

Looking at the Site Library anything that looks like a new “section” has been added within its own Container block.

The Grid block itself doesn’t have many settings for styles, so if you wanted to do anything like set a different max-width, add padding around it, add margins to give it more space between other blocks, add a border around it, hide it at a specific screen size, etc. you need to put it in a container and apply those styles there.

If you find yourself adding a container without setting any of the styles and resetting the padding to 0 then you probably don’t need it.

Grid columns - also called containers - have a few differences to the Container block. On a Container block you can only set the max-width. On a Grid column you can change the width for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. You could do this for 1 column, but in most cases you would only use the Grid block when you need 2 or more columns at any screen size.

I will therefore continue with each new “section” in a Block Container