Social Media URL's stored Globally?

Hi, in my GeneratePress Child theme I have Generate Blocks displaying Social media icons in three different places and I would love to have my clients only have to enter their URL’s once. My first thought was to go the same route as the author box tutorial GeneratePress - Author Box 2 with Block Element, Dynamic Content and GenerateBlocks - YouTube.

However that didn’t work as it was user specific and Yoast doesn’t have a spot for TikTok which several of my clients use.

Ideally there would be visual way to do this for my clients.

Ideally you would use a GeneratePress Block Element to display the user profile data dynamically.
And theres plenty of articles on registering additional custom fields in the user profile - i think this one is still relevant:

Thanks, I’m trying to register the site wide urls instead of the author urls for example:

Right now i’m copying and pasting the block to have it in the three places, ideally I’d only have to input the URL’s once.

GP can only grab data from post/term/user meta.
You would need a custom solution to store the URL maybe in a Global Variable and then a Shortcode to retrieve that.

Ok, thank you so much.