Social Icons + Plus Button Missing

I tested this with a fresh install of WP, GeneratePress Premium and GenerateBlocks Pro. When you add the basic social icons block in a GB Pro container, the plus + button will not show to add the icons. If you add the same block to a page outside of the GB Pro container, it works as expected. Any ideas?

Hi. I’m experiencing the same issue. The Social Icons block works correctly as long as it’s not inside a GB container. The ‘plus’ symbol disappears if the Social Icons block is inside a GB container. I’ve tested this on Chrome and Firefox and on two different computers.

I contacted support and they were able to recreate and confirm it’s a bug. However, they did advise to just use the button block from GB to create the icons. It works great and keeps us from having to use another block outside the gb ecosystem.

Thank you very much for letting me know. Using the button block is a simple way around the issue.