Social icons changed in frontend

Hi there,

My social icons changed the different format in front end. Screenshot by Lightshot
But it is as I want in elements. Screenshot by Lightshot

I am not sure how to fix it.

Whatever I choose it is vertical.

Hi @Tertas,

Can you provide the link to the site in question?

Hi there,
The reason was perfmatters. How to remove global inline styles in WordPress 5.9+ (CSS and SVG)
I use this feature of them and it is very good.
Do you know any code that can push social icons to be listed horizontal?

I see. Can you share the link to your site, and I’ll check what CSS is needed?

hi there, found it. Still block global styles and add only below. Seems working.
.is-layout-flex {
display: flex;
.wp-social-link {
margin-right: 20px;

I see. Glad you resolved the issue!