Sidebar Element - How to make sticky

I’ve used GB to create a “Block - Right Sidebar” element. I envision multiple containers down the sidebar, the last of which I would like to make sticky.

I basically want to copy the functionality as seen on this page:

I’ve tried every CSS block that I’ve found in here and in the GP community pages, all to no avail.

Any ideas?

By inspecting the element on the example you share, you can find a CSS rule applied to that specific item in the sidebar:

.inside-right-sidebar aside:last-child {
position: sticky;

Of course you can add a CSS class to the block itself and apply the same rule, if it works better for you.

Nah, tried that one to no avail. Any other ideas?

Is this because I’m using a “Block Element” to create this sidebar, vs the traditional widget editor?

In this case, you should take out the “aside:last-child” from the code, or change the container tag to “aside”.

The first option has worked for me, leaving the code like this:

.inside-left-sidebar {
  top: 260px;

In this example, the top property, like others, fix the container 260px from the top of the body.