Show product price in Query Loop


I can’t seem to figure out how to show a Woocommerce product price in the Query Loop block.

I understand that the meta must be exposed to the Rest API. In WC settings under REST API there is an option to generate a key but that is about it.

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks.

Hi @Lazycat,

Try setting the source of the Dynamic Headline source to Post meta, and the field to _regular_price.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a million Fernando, it worked.

Is there a resource where I can look up the field names? I was trying the ones on the github page but none of them were working.

You’re welcome!

Can’t find an official list from WooCommerce as well. But, I found this: How to Get Certain Values from a Woocommerce Product | ClickNathan - Handmade Websites

Hope this helps!

Thanks, helps a lot.