Sharing What I Built With GenerateBlocks

I created a page to show what I was able to build with GenerateBlocks (GB) and thought I would share it here with the community.

When I initially looked into GB, I came across a lot of reviews that talked about its features and performance. But I didn’t find many sites that really showcased what you can build with it.

I have been playing around with it for awhile now and I have to say, it’s really impressive!

Take a look and feel free to reach out with any feedback.


Nice work, this is a great resource to highlight GP/BG to colleagues and clients…
Thanks so much :smiley:

Thanks Dave! Much appreciated.

Looks great :slight_smile: thanks for sharing !!!

Thank you David! I wouldn’t have gotten this far without help from you and the GP team.

Great job!! Very nice!!

Thank you very much Brad!