Save Page Blocks to Local Template

It would be nice to save any page blocks I create to the Local Template library easily.

Even a simply “export as JSON” and “import as JSON” would be welcome.

Unless there is some functionality like this that I am unaware of, it would be nice to create a block on one site and export it so that it can be imported to another site. I guess this would be a template and perhaps templates can already be exported and imported and I just haven’t figured out how to.

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Local Templates are a regular post type, if you got to Tools > Export you will see them there. Which means you can export them and import them to a new site.

And this handy plugin ‘may’ allow you to auto export any Image attachments along with them

The EditorsKit plugin has import and export blocks. There is also a dedicated plugin in the WordPress repository that does that. I use the Editorskit plugin due to all the other block utility functions the plugin provides. Gutenberg Block Editor Toolkit – EditorsKit – WordPress plugin |