Round buttons with identical dimensions


I’d like some help with Buttons in GenerateBlocks Pro.

I want to create a row of buttons - each button a perfect circle of identical dimensions.

As I see it, this is possible only if the button content (text or icon) share exactly the same height and width - on every button.

This is a problem if you want to use words of different lengths - eg Services (8 characters), News (4 characters).


Can the div containing the text be set to a precise width and a precise height?

And / or is there a way of importing a graphic file of any format - not just SVG icons.

Going forward would these be handy additions to GenerateBlocks?

A universal graphic import function (SVG, PNG, Gif, whatever) with a rollover button function (using on hover, show/hide, CSS, etc).

All done through GenerateBlocks, no hand coding or other plugins needed. Another reason to use these excellent products?