Reusable Blocks with Global Styles?

I have created a reusable block, that contains a button, which I have applied a Global Style to.

Then I have created a page and added the reusable block, but on the frontend the CSS from Global Style is not visible.

Is this a bug, or just my misunderstanding about how to apply a global button?

Thank you in advance and kind regards,

Same question here: if I turn a block into a resauble block, will Global Styles be kept?
Thank you

Hi guys,

If the question’s context is about global style block w/ contents in it, the contents of the global style don’t carry over.

But if its the global styles of the block itself then it should be fine.

It should be kept assuming the reusable block’s content is the actual global styled block.

Global styles are applied through a unique class anyway. Reusable block keeps classes so it should work.