Responsive view issues when editing

Hi team. I’m having an issue with the responsive views when editing (GB free). After switching to tablet or mobile and then returning to desktop, any metaboxes underneath the main edit area are overlaid over the post/page content and scrolling with it, requiring a save and reload to display properly again. Switching back to tablet or mobile it’s fine, it’s only happening when returning to desktop. All caches disabled, everything up to date, GP Pro.

It started after upgrading to WP5.9 so it may well be a WP thing, but as it manifests when using the GB responsive views I’m raising it here. (I did look but couldn’t see any reference to it here.) Are you aware of it and is there a fix?

Hey, @jaiji thank you for your feedback. We have a patch scheduled for this week to address this issue.

Reference: Release Branch

Thanks for that. From the look of it though it’s not addressing my main issue, which is not the lack of GB styles in Tablet and Mobile mode, but the incorrect display when returning to Desktop from either which is not solely a Firefox issue here. Could you confirm that will also be addressed?

Hi Team,

FYI I do have a similar issue on my staging site but only when editing in Tablet / Mobile.
No more color, I do see the shape. Online all looks fine. I guess it is a WP 5.9 issue
Please see screen shots:

@jaiji The issue you’re seeing is a core WordPress bug. You can see it with any sort of metabox (Yoast, core custom fields) and any theme. I assume they’re going to fix that in 5.9.1.

@matteobu11 The issues you’re seeing are a combination of GP and GB bugs. Can you try installing these beta versions to confirm we’ve fixed them in our next patches?


Let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom for the quick reply.

I’m working on it, I’ll let you now in a few minutes

Sunny greetings from California


Great, now it works perfectly.

Big thanks to Tom & Team.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know! These patches will be released this week :slight_smile:

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Thanks Tom, good to know. Also now seeing the colour bugs, good to know that’s soon to be addressed. Top support.