Responsive Background image settings does not have "Desktop & Tablet"

You have an option for “Tablet & Mobile” which is great and saves time, you do not have an option for “Desktop & Tablet” - which is a very common combination with Responsive design.

E.g. quite often you want to only show a background image for desktop and tablet but you do not want it shown on mobiles.

At the moment you have to setup up 2 rules; one for desktop and a complete copy for tablet - would be much better to combine the two.

@nampara17 I might be misunderstanding the usage you are after but would it not be the same as setting the background image for All (all devices) and then just setting your override for mobile ?

Yes good point. Think I may of gone a different path (e.g. diff pic for each device) and then wanted to combine tablet + desktop and didn’t think straight! :wink: