Remove headline and button text on tablet and mobile

Currently, it is possible to remove the icon on a button and headline element on mobile devices and remove the text on desktop but what about the other way round? Removing the actual text on mobile (but keeping the icon) could benefit in situations where a call to action with an icon and text needs to only have the icon on mobile.

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Right now that option actually removes the text from the element (instead of hiding it).

For it to be device-specific, we’d need to hide it with CSS.

Definitely an interesting idea, but would likely need a different option/UI? Open to suggestions.

Hi Tom, icons can also be removed by setting the icon size to 0 for other devices. What I am proposing is to keep the Remove Text toggle for tablet and mobile. Also, it would be useful if there was an option to also link the icon on the headline and not just the text.