Related Posts with Query Loops

I have just started with Generatepress. In fact one of the reasons I installed it was to be able to post Query Loops related posts as I had WP Show post installed and I loved it but I saw that they were no longer updating it.

Now I’m trying to use the new Generateblocks feature to do the same thing and I can’t seem to get related posts by Categories in a post so I don’t get that same post as one of the options. Which looks really bad.

Can someone help me before I get totally desperate. Thanks

Hi @natalimp,

For related posts, you can build related posts without code through GenerateBlocks Pro 1.3.0 (currently in alpha) and GB 1.5.4.

Hope this clarifies.

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Thanks, I will wait for the pro 1.3.0 version to arrive. Although they really could also update the WP Show Post plugin until that time comes.

You’re welcome @Natalimp!

Good morning!
We are in version 1.6.0 of generateblocks free and I still can’t put related posts by categories excluding the current post as I did in WP Show Post. Is there a trick to this? Can you please help me?

What version of GB Blocks Pro are you using?

For reference with regards to Creating Related Posts with the GB Query Loop Block, here’s an article you may refer to: Creating Related Posts with Query Loop Block - GenerateBlocks

Thank you Fernando for your answer. I don’t have generateblocks pro, I use the free version 1.6.0.

I have already read the article but I still have the same problem, there is no option to remove the current post from the query, as I could do with the WP Show Post plugin, with a query in Generatepress Elements. It only allows me to place it individually in each post excluding the corresponding post. That’s not what I want to do.

I understand that if they remove or stop updating a plugin that for me was great, it is to give us the same options in the integration with generateblocks, which I think is a great idea, since I was already using generateblocks before. But I can’t find the way to do it, without knowing programming.
Can you help me please?


I see. Sorry, but we no longer provide support to retrieve it programmatically. I think we also had a misunderstanding. What I meant is that building related posts is available through GenerateBlocks free plugin in conjunction with GenerateBlocks Pro plugin.

Hope you understand.