Related Posts with Query Loops

I have just started with Generatepress. In fact one of the reasons I installed it was to be able to post Query Loops related posts as I had WP Show post installed and I loved it but I saw that they were no longer updating it.

Now I’m trying to use the new Generateblocks feature to do the same thing and I can’t seem to get related posts by Categories in a post so I don’t get that same post as one of the options. Which looks really bad.

Can someone help me before I get totally desperate. Thanks

Hi @natalimp,

For related posts, you can build related posts without code through GenerateBlocks Pro 1.3.0 (currently in alpha) and GB 1.5.4.

Hope this clarifies.

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Thanks, I will wait for the pro 1.3.0 version to arrive. Although they really could also update the WP Show Post plugin until that time comes.

You’re welcome @Natalimp!