Raster preview messy after update to WordPress 6.0

Hi, after updating to WordPress 6.0 the raster preview where you choose the number of columns looks messy. I am not sure why. Can you look at repairing this?

Thanks for reporting this!

It should be fixed in 1.5.0 which is currently in beta testing: GenerateBlocks 1.5 - Dynamic Data, Query Loops, & Image Blocks - GenerateBlocks

We’re deciding on the official release date for that shortly. If it’s not for a couple of weeks we’ll release a patch to fix it in the current stable version.

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Hi Tom,
that’s perfect. Thank you for your quick answer.
keep up the good work!
Hi, Han

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No problem!

For anyone who doesn’t want to update to 1.5.0, this temporary snippet should fix it until 1.4.4 is released:

add_filter( 'block_editor_settings_all', function( $editor_settings ) {
	$editor_settings['styles'][] = array( 'css' => '.components-placeholder.components-placeholder.gb-select-layout .gb-grid-wrapper-layout-preview .gb-grid-wrapper-layout-preview-btn {flex-wrap: nowrap;}' );
	return $editor_settings;
} );
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I just added this snippet. It works fine, thank you.
Correction: it does have a side effect Fonts in the editor show up wrong now in Times.
No problem. I’ll wait for version 1.5

That’s strange, it should have no effect on other CSS in your editor. That method is the “official” method for adding CSS to your editor content.