Quirks after updating to WordPress 5.9

Hi there. Just wondering if anyone has experienced any “quirks” with Generateblocks after updating to WordPress 5.9.

Quirks I found while editing a page / post:

  1. Container blocks that were set to Contained Width are now set to Full Width. I had to re-save the page after setting the Container back to Contained Width.

  2. It seems that WP might have added or modified the body .wp-block class which is shortening the width of Full Width Containers. Overriding the class with body .wp-block { max-width: unset; } seems to correct it, but I’m not sure if that’s the correct course of action.

Will report if I find anything else.

Thank you.

Hi there,

Is this using GeneratePress and the align-full option?

If so, it’s a GP bug that will be fixed next week. A temp fix can be found here: Gutenberg editor is left-aligned and reduced width since WordPress 5.9 update - GeneratePress