Questions on theme

Just wanted to ask a couple of questions.

I’ve been using generatepress pro for a while now, one site using the old WP Show Posts integration. That site also uses a lot of WP Blocks that are really helpful, but also add a huge CSS file I’d like to stop using.

Is it fairly easy to port things like image/youtube/embed blocks and blocks for products/reviews over to Generateblocks? If anyone has experience and could chip in that’d be helpful.

Also, does GB dynamically generate css/js files needed as used? i.e. you use a few blocks and get 9kb CSS added to main, rather than the whole CSS file for all blocks/combos?

Also, is jquery used?

You’ll notice a lot of this is about being lightweight.

I’m also looking to create some nice designs for a blog homepage with different article layouts, as well as creating nice layout for the blog single page header. I’m guessing the former is possible, but for single page headers with featured image/meta is that possible with GB.

Annnd, I’m looking to create a site on a card game(think pokemon), having listings for card data with values using ACF, with abilities to list cards of certain types, filter e.t.c. That looks possible with GB queries, right?


blocks for products/reviews
There aren’t any blocks for products and reviews. But you can design your own patterns with GB and use those later. (Warning: No inbuilt Schema)

  • Yes, GB dynamically generates CSS files as needed.
  • No jquery

single page headers with featured image/meta is that possible with GB
Yes. It is possible.

Yes, GB has ACF support.

Thanks, so is it possible or advised to remove/disable Gutenberg blocks and strictly stick to generate blocks, to avoid using the large css/js files that come with Gutenberg?