Query Loop setup not showing all posts/pages?

This problem is new for me.

Previously whether displaying pages or posts I could search and select for the specific pages I wanted to display when setting up the loop.

Now the ‘search’ part of this process is not working. When I try to locate a page/post I know exists it is not shown. Often the message says No Options. I have around 70 posts live but Query Loop is only allowing me access to 10, possibly the most recent. This is all in the admin area

GenerateBlocks Pro 1.4.0
GP Premium 2.1.2

Any ideas please?

Hi, did you try to type the first letters of the page-title in the search field? It took me also a while before I realised that with many pages or posts or categories you have to type in the first letters to get them listed. Hope this helps.

Greeting Claus

Unfortunately this does not work.
Also forgot to mention, the same problem exists when you select the ‘Parent’ page option so that child pages are listed. It does not show all of the parent pages for me to select one. With or without a search
This is new behaviour

hm, standard is, that only 15 pages/posts/etc. are listed. Typing the first letters of the post I search for, lists all posts having this letters in its title. Doesn’t it work for you?


Hey guys,

I believe what Sean is experiencing is a bug on our component, on search we are not loading properly all posts for the specific search. I will fix this on the next patch or version.

For reference: Fix PostTypeRecordsSelect search results · Issue #732 · tomusborne/generateblocks · GitHub

Has there been any development with this please?
I still cannot use the query loop as the problem persists?