Query Loop Image styling not consistent

Hi, I have a problem with the images in my Query Loops.

Query Loops items are supposed to inherit the styling. When you change one, the others change as well.

But when I change the styling of my image, with rounded corners, just some of them change, randomly. Not sure why. I tried deactivating plugins and I still couldn’t find what the problem is.

You can see it in my homepage: inteligenciadomestica.com

I guess it might have to do with this specific website because in my other site is working properly, but I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while with no success.

To test, can you try adding another GB image block and style it similar to the one you already have, and see if the issue will exist there as well?

Can you try Regenerating your CSS files in GenerateBlocks > Settings as well?

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Hi, thanks for the tip, but it didn’t work. I added a new image in my home page and did some edits (changed width and added rounded corners). It shows all right in the editor but it does not show rendered in the live site.

I tried deleting all my custom CSS and I deleted the web cache a few times. Still don’t know what the problem could be.

It’s also happening in other pages whenever I try to add customization to my images. It’s a hit and miss, sometimes it just doesn’t work.


Live Website:

Can you try temporarily disabling all caching/optimization plugins again? I’ll try to see how it looks like from my end. Or, if you have a staging site, disable all non-GP plugins there, and I’ll check that staging site instead.

Hi, I just deactivated the 2 optimizations plugins I am using, which are WP Rocket and Flying Scripts by WP Speed Matters.

I’ve tried on different devices and still nothing changed. Image block formatting only works randomly.

I don’t have a staging site at the moment, but I’ll see how many plugins I can disable without making the site unusable.


Ok, I think I finally found what the problem was.

It was related to the Imagify (image optimization plugin).

They have a conversion to WebP feature and they recommend to activate an option to replace <img> tags with <picture> tags. So I had that activated.

Just now read that although that’s the preferred option, it could break some themes. And apparently it was in conflict with the GB Image block indeed.

I just disabled that option and all came back to normal.

Thanks for your help and your patience. I hope this can be of help to others.

I see. Glad you found the cause of the issue. Thank you for sharing as well!