Query Loop - how to display text for published & updated dates

I’m using the Query Loop feature to display certain categories of posts on my homepage but it seems to be missing the ability to add text related to the Published date vs the Updated date that you get with GeneratePress.

This is what I’m used to in GP (where I can add text to display before the published and updated dates)

So maybe I’m missing something, but how do I add text such as ‘Posted On’ & ‘Updated On’ when using Query Loop?

Hey Jon, for now, the solution is to have two Headline blocks both set to “Inline Width” (Spacing section).

We are still trying to come up with a better solution than just two text input fields.

Thanks for the response. Could you expand on that answer for me a bit, please? I have created two headline blocks with inline width. One is set to Date Type - Published, the other to Date Type - Updated but both show next to each other. How do I set it so that only one shows i.e. if the post has not been updated it just shows the published date, if it has been updated it just shows the updated date (as per the functionality in GP Premium)?

I have done it with CSS for now, but is there a better way?

/* Add date type to post meta on homepage only */
.home .entry-date.published::before {
  content: "Published ";
.home .entry-date.updated-date::before {
  content: "Updated ";

In the current version, we don’t have conditional display rules for blocks, that is what you need here, but is something we are going to add in the future. For now, if your solution is working as expected you should keep it.

OK, thanks for the reply.