Query Loop block & catgory/taxonomy terms

Hi there,

I was wondering if it’s possible with the Query Loop block to list category/taxonomy terms instead of just posts. I don’t think it’s possible now so wondering if it will be added soon. I would also need to be able to reference custom taxonomy fields.

Any guidance regarding this would be much appreciated. This is the only thing preventing me from removing Elementor from a site I’m currently building.


Hi @designwebfocusinc,

Are you trying to Query categories of a post on a post page?

Or, are you try to query all or some categories on a static page with no relevance to the categories of a page currently viewed?


I am trying to list all terms from a custom taxonomy on a static page including the image coming from a custom field of that taxonomy.


I see.

There’s a WordPress Categories Block which retrieves all categories.

If your retrieving all terms from a custom taxonomy, you would need custom code for that.

You can try something like the one here in this thread, just add it in a Shortcode so you can output it anywhere you prefer: List the categories under custom taxonomy - WordPress Development Stack Exchange