Problem with Query loop


Trying to use query loop (GB 1.5 cr.1 and WP 6.0), I see an issue regarding “posts per page” settings to display ALL posts from a specific category term.

Just have a look here : video link

So if you set “posts per page” to -1 it displaying all posts on backend, but just one on frontend.
And If you don’t set any number in “posts per page” field, it displays a nothing found message on backend but it displays 10 posts on frontend… and there is no way to display ALL posts.

I could do it setting 9999 as number of posts but it would be nice to use the common -1 set to display unlimited items no ?


Thanks for this! Will be fixed in rc.2: Fix: Allow -1 posts_per_page on frontend by tomusborne · Pull Request #568 · tomusborne/generateblocks · GitHub