Prefix for List of Terms Headline Block and Other Dynamic Blocks


I’m testing GB 1.5 and GBP 1.2 and I’m building a latest posts grid for a client home page. I added a headline block and set it to dynamic data and list of terms for categories terms. In prior versions I seem to remeber we could add a bit of prefix text before the dynamic data but I can’t find how to do it now if at all still possible. It’s impossible to type anything before or after the dynamic data in the editor. That is a step backwards and would be important to add back IMO.


@designwebfocusinc the prefix/sufix text is a planned feature. In the mean time a way to achieve this is to have a container with two Headline blocks set to display inline.

Yes thanks, that is the workaround I found.

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Hi, we’re trying GB and were looking to accomplish something very similar, since it doesn’t seem like there’s a native/easy way to pull ACF fields into a default WP Query Loop Block right now.

For the workaround, are you stating that you should place all pairs of dynamic data fields along with a separate block for labels/prefix text in separate containers? Then add a class to those containers and style so that child elements of the containers (most likely ‘Paragraph’ tags) display inline?

I guess that could work, but could end up creating a lot of extra containers if there’s a number of data fields you are needing to display.

It’s also, obviously, not great for semantics/accessibility if that prefix text is functioning as a ‘label’ of sorts for the data fields. When we’ve had more complete control over markup, we’ve often output these as definition lists, with the DT as the label text and the DD as the data field. But we don’t see a lot of support or use of definition lists in modern WordPress unfortunately…

We’ll watch this to see if the proper functionality is added back in.