Positioning content under shape divider

I’ve made a custom shape divider and have it working pretty well.

However, I would like the white background for the container below it (i.e., the page content) to go right up under the shape.

I’ve tried applying a negative margin, which helped some, but it doesn’t bring the whole container up high enough. I can make the inner container go higher (which is not ideal as then some page background is still visible around it), but then it covers the shape divider. Giving that container a higher z-index number did not help as I can’t see how to give the shape divider a z-index.

Here’s the page: Canadian Program – People for Progress Foundation What I want is for the little stone-background triangle that’s visible under the highest point in the shape divider to be white, so it looks like the shape divider seamlessly covers the main container.

There’s an empty paragraph between the shape container and the content. If you delete it that gap will disappear and the white will go all the way up.

It was hiding under the shape divider in an element! Thank you very much.