Please Rething Pricing Options

Hi GB team,

I just wanted to jump in and share some feedback from my clients (I do consulting to build & rebuild WordPress sites).

In my opinion GeneratePress is the preferred theme to build a fast website today. I recommended it to my clients since years and they were all happy. Many of them also got the Pro version.

This year I was looking for a Gutenberg Blocks plugin (my clients always were missing some features in Gutenberg Core). There are many plugins out there but I thought it would be a good idea to check out GenerateBlocks as it would probably fit together quite well with the GP theme.

I showed it to my clients and after some introduction that you can achieve a lot even with only 6 blocks they liked it. But to get fast results with Global Styles and the Pattern Library many of them also wanted to get the Pro version.

But now the funny thing is when I talked to them at a later point they did not buy GB Pro. Their main argument always is that they don’t understand the mismatch in pricing options between GP and GB. One has a lifetime option, the other does not.

They didn’t find the price too high (I also think it’s very affordable). But they want to avoid subscriptions if there are other one-time payment options out there (two people also mentioned a bookkeeping overhead which every subscription adds up to).

So instead of buying GB Pro they bought Kadence Blocks Pro or Stackable Blocks Pro. These cost a lot more but they do offer a lifetime option.

I can’t blame them but I think you are missing out on this opportunity. I heard Spectra (from the Brainstormforce guys) also has a Pro version in the works with a lifetime option.

I heard from some developers that most new WordPress sites are shut down after three years (on average). This is why themes and plugins with a one-time payment cost factor 3-5 of the annual version.

So perhaps you could rethink your pricing options for GenerateBlocks and match them with GeneratePress. Or perhaps you could also create a bundle with a one-time payment like the other guys.

This would probably bring in more customers and more revenue.

Keep up the good work.

I see your points and also heard from some people who switched to the full Kadence bundle. This includes their theme and their blocks plugin (both as a Pro version) for a one-time price.

Right now I’m also sitting on the fence. I’m on Generaterpress Pro Lifetime and I like how it kept lightweight and fast over the years. But I’m having various issues with Generateblocks. I understand that it’s still very young and things need to evolve over time.

If Generateblocks Pro would be available as a one-time payment (like Generatepress) I would buy it to support Tom and his team. I would trust them to figure out and fix all existing bugs and make it as awesome as Generatepress.

But getting another subscription with all it’s drawbacks does not feel right for me at this stage.

Paul creates some very interesting discussion about lifetime deals here from 7:55 - New Plugin Pricing, Lifetime Deals & More.... My Thoughts! - YouTube - although the entire video is great.

It makes me very happy to see GenerateBlocks don’t offer a lifetime deal, and in my opinion, the tool feels more professional because of it.

To quote Forbes magazine - The Origin Of The Subscription Model -

‘For business models to have longevity they must go beyond adding value to just a business, they must also offer value to customers’.

So if the value here isn’t apparent right away to your clients, I thinks that’s ok. The customer base for GenerateBlocks may be more aligned with people using the tool.

Could you offer GP+GB Pro included for 1 year in the contract and then they can decide whether they want to buy their own licence - to continue receiving updates?

I don’t know if this is a good solution for you but I’m putting it out there.

Also, the paragraph where you say - ‘most new WordPress sites are shut down after three years’ -

The GeneratePress ecosystem and it’s history feels like it’s designed for businesses that are not new but established or want to take things to the next level.

I’ll offer a different kind of view as a site owner :slightly_smiling_face:

Non-subscription deals are obviously attractive but not financially sustainable. It ultimately means that developers will either struggle to make a living.

Some will not dedicate so much energy to the project, meaning neglect or abandon. Which creates work for site owners who have to migrate to a new solution.

Some will break promises as highlighted in a YouTube video in a previous reply.

Some will change their business model to selling new versions with short-term thinking, offering new features aimed at boosting sales.

GenerateBlocks doesn’t work that way. The subscription model most likely gives the team behind it enough money to be fully dedicated and play the long game with its development. Sustainable features in a system that runs fast.

I like the approach. I prefer to hand out a little more over the long term than eventually finding out that a solution no longer suits me - and having to work for days to migrate even one site to a different setup. Multiply that for those who run multiple sites at the same time.

Ultimately, the question you face is which theme, plugin or framework is best for you instead of simply its price. Picking the right one might save you loads of time and work. I probably won’t be the only one to say that the GP and GB combo is an excellent one :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your thoughts alesia…
I think the fact that Tom has been able to built up a team around him (support and development) shows that the current model is working well for the two combined products.
It seems that of growing carefully and gaining an excellent reputation in the WP world is working well…
m2c, Dave