Place text line across two columns.

I am new to GenerateBlocks and have been trying to come up with a design with no success. So that’s why I’m writing here to see if anyone has a solution to my request.

I want to place a line of text above both columns that should contain images. Does anyone know if it is possible and how to proceed if so?

If you started with a container block then inserted a grid with 2 containers inside the grid, you can insert a headline block before the grid. Set the headline to paragraph if you just want text. Enter your text.

This should do what you are looking for.


Thanks for your reply.
I can’t get it to work. I don’t understand how and where to place the headline so it is centered above the two columns. Now the title is below the two grids.

Please see screenshot:

This is how we want it to look:

Hi @inret,

You might need custom CSS to achieve that. Can you provide the link to the site in question?

Try to create a Structure similar to this: Edit Page “Generated Homepa...

Or, instead of Image Blocks, you can add the images to the Container Blocks instead.