Page title in container block

I created a new block in elements and have it set to display on specific pages and posts. Is it possible to get the specific title for each page/post in the block?

You will also have to set up a Header element.

Take a look at this GPP video: Elements on Vimeo

GP Premium 2.0.0-alpha.1 is getting prepped for release. Its entire focus is dynamic data in Elements using GenerateBlocks, so no more template tags etc…

I was hoping to get it out last week, then this week, but it’s a big one and I want to get it right. Good news is that it’s pretty much ready to go - going to use the rest of the week to polish it off and release it early next week :slight_smile:


Thanks Bryan, I’ll watch the video.

Tom - Great to hear about the update. I don’t build websites for a living, I just run my own, but wanted to let you know I’m really enjoying GB. I was a bit nervous at first moving from Elementor to GB but SO glad I did. The learning curve was not bad at all. Site looks better, and even feels quicker in the staging environment with no optimization. Great job on putting it all together. GB is fun/easy work with and I’m looking forward to the speed/performance boost…keep up the good work! Oh and those templates are a big help so thanks for having those set up as well.

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Awesome, thank you! Really happy to hear that :slight_smile:

Dynamic data and no more template tags is great news!