Overwrite query loop related posts with ACF post object

So, this may be a long shot or something I’m completely missing.

GB Pro 1.3.0 made it possible to show random related posts under a single post (based on a tag or category or any other relevant selector) So you could show “Related Posts” underneath a single post. That’s awesome.

Now I want to give the author op the post the option to overwrite these ’ automatically’ random related posts (build with a GP Premium Element) with by himself selected dedicated related posts. This can be done underneath the main editor of the post.

I build this function with Advanced Custom fields: Post object .

Is it possible to overwrite the random(tag) query I build in elements by the selected posts? I fiddled about a few times, also tried altering the query loop with a filter. So far all without succes. Any Ideas? All appreciated.

Edit: added some extra words.